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What workers do we represent?

What workers do we represent?

What workers do we represent?

We represent OFFICE CLERICAL labor in the Southern California area for the transportation industry since 1959.

We are one of many ILWU locals.  Our designation is:  ILWU Local 63 Office Clerical Unit Division, or the "OCU".

We have successfully negotiated and currently administer 22 contracts with shipping industry employers.  OCU Contracts provide excellent opportunities (work stability, lengthy tenure and excellent benefits) to the members and workers covered under said agreements.

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Our Mission

What workers do we represent?

What workers do we represent?

  • First, to unite in one organization, all office clericals within the jurisdiction of the Unit, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, religious or politcal beliefs;
  • Second, to negotiate and secure suitable agreements covering all classifications of work performed by its members;
  • Third, to at all times endeavor to maintain and improve the wages, benefits, hours and working conditions for all its members;
  • Fourth, that true unionism will always be its aim and principle and the Unit shall be nonpartisan and nonsectarian;
  • Fifth, that the Unit will encourage its members to be committed to a workplace environment free of discrimination, unlawful harassment and any conduct that threatens, intimidates, or coerces another office clerical.


2020 Officers/Business Agents

What workers do we represent?

2020 Officers/Business Agents

John Fageaux, Jr. - President

Dawn Feikema - Vice President

Shari DelPrino - Secretary / Treasurer

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